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I’ve just been looking at the traffic statistics for my new website – the LightwaveRF Community at

Looking at the browser stats there appears to have been during January, believe it or not, a couple of accesses from Netscape Navigator 4 which was released mid 1997. See above for a reminder of what that looked like at the time (and remember, this was the Internet at its best!)

This got me thinking about what else happened in 1997. I was 22, fixing thin-net networks at work, studying part time for a degree (or might have been a HND at the time), driving my first car (a Citroen BX) and renting a room off a friend.

Bill Clinton was president of the USA; a young Tony Blair returned Labour to government for the first time in 18 years with a landslide victory over the tories (and I stayed up late celebrating); Katrina and the Waves won Eurovision for the UK; Hong Kong was handed back to Chinese rule; Diana, princess of wales, is killed in a car crash in Paris and Steve Jobs returned to Apple.

It seems so hard to think that that was 15 years ago!

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