The LightwaveRF Forum is dead. Long live the LightwaveRF Forum!

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Time to come clean about why I’ve been so quiet of late.  I’ve been busy! I’ve decided I needed a new pet project, so, bringing together my love of home automation and web development, I’ve built a new online community around the Lightwave RF product suite and taken over the unloved forum that was once the official LightwaveRF forum at

The new site is hence forth to be known as the LightwaveRF Community and is hosted at, not surprisingly, Be sure to check it out. The new community comes with the full blessing of JSJS Designs (who I need to thank publicly for providing an export of the old forum and allowing me to take it forward).

The new LightwaveRF Community is home to more than just the forum. Keen to provide some value add, I’ve built an online price comparison tool for LightwaveRF and complimentary products. At the time of writing, just the dimmers and sockets are online, but I will be adding more products over the coming days and weeks. The site lists the current retail price at a number of prime online retailers including B&Q (sold under the Siemens brand), Screwfix, Maplin Electronics and Amazon (where a number of retailers, including Response Electronics also list their range). All prices are updated automatically daily so you can be sure that the price is accurate. The third section of the site is the blog. At present, that is just a mirror of relevant content posted here on my personal blog, but over time I am keen for others to contribute blog posts too.

It’s early days yet, but the site appears to be doing well with well over 100 visitors per day. Hopefully people will engage with the forum and it will go from strength to strength.

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