TRV “Hammering”…

As part of a complete refurb including new plaster, we have just had a radiator replaced in our master bedroom.  The radiator seems OK, heats well and the room gets toasty (perhaps too toasty, but that’s a subject for a different post).  However, there is a problem, the TRV sounds like a Jack Hammer when it closes down to between 5 and 10%.  Like all other TRV’s in the house, it is fitted with a Conrad FHT8V valve actuator but from reading, this seems like a TRV problem rather than a problem with the actuator and would occur even if I replaced it with the standard thermostatic head that came with it.  The pain is that this occurs only when the actuator shuts down, i.e. when the bedroom is at the desired temperature… When we are in bed… Asleep!!!

Reading around the Interwebs, it seems that this might be related to cheap TRV’s being placed on the wrong (i.e. return) side of the radiator.  Thinking about it, I am sure the old radiator had the TRV on the other side.  Perhaps I need to check this evening…

I have spoken to the plumber who fitted it and he tells me that he will have to replace it which means draining the whole system down again.  Not good now the new carpet has been fitted!

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