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OK, so, my first blog post.

What is this about?  Well, I want to create a home which is comfortable, easy to live in and which appeals to my inner geek.  I want it automated.  I want to be able to control my lights and heating using more than just wall mounted switches and thermostats.  I want to see graphs of temperature over time, I want my lights to switch on without me being home and I want everything integrated with everything else – my alarm clock to switch on my lights, my telephone to tell me the current temperature, I could go on…

But most of all, it must have a high WAF that is it must have a high Wife Acceptance Factor.  It must be controllable by the better half without having to pick up an iPad, log on to a computer or phone a specific phone number.  All of the nice to have geeky features must be built on top of a rock solid ‘normal’ system that just works.  If a computer fails, the system must keep running and still be controllable without having to spend hours re-building a linux server or re-installing software.

This blog is my attempt to document my ongoing struggle to equip my home with automation (HA) with high Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF).

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chrisChris works as an IT Security Specialist for a large FTSE 100 company. He is a geek at heart and loves nothing more than trying to automate his home. The problem is, his wife simply doesn't get it and can't understand why they can't have 'normal' lights like everyone else! Chris is dedicated therefore to implementing automation in a family friendly way.View all posts by chris →

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